Land based Colleges Aspiring to Excellence


Interactive teaching, learning and assessment material for the land based sector

Our Primary Goal

A venture for the future

The companies main objectives are to:

  • Aid the development of blended and distance learning programmes
  • Support the cost effective delivery of land based programmes
  • Encourage the use of educational technologies
  • Assist member colleges and universities to enter new markets in the UK and overseas.
Our Technology

Access information wherever, whenever.

The materials are available on Moodle to provide users with the flexibility of how they use the content, track and monitor student progress, in a way that supports their individual teaching requirements. Content can be easily added to enhance existing or create new online courses, or used in the classroom.

LBL online
A helping hand

Helping the sector adapt to new technologies

Whilst the materials will be particularly helpful in promoting independent learning, they should also reduce the time staff have to spend preparing their own materials and assessment. Overall the greatest benefit could be in helping the sector adapt to new technologies as they move from a teacher focused to a learner focused culture.



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